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Aspects of Being

I've been doing very little besides getting the hang of working full-time, these days. That is in addition to occasional adventures like Sarah's and my trip to Yellowstone weekend before last. The Tetons, as usual, were breathtaking, and the geothermal features were peculiar. I'll let you know when pictures make it onto Flickr.

Today I finally got back into some intense reading. Finished Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen, as well as a major portion of Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen. Good stuff. Makes me want to write more. It would be good to get a few stories out this summer.

On another subject, I've had some vague web presence for a while now. Being a web developer, that's pretty important. I'm thinking I may start writing web development posts, which might not get cross-posted to LiveJournal. There would be some gray area if I were to do reviews of web services, or musings on philosophy of design. I'm really not sure how I want to handle the separation between a personal blog and a professional blog. I don't want complete separation, because some bleeding back and forth makes sense. I'm not the sort that wants my professional life to be in an entirely different compartment from my personal one. I also don't want to bore most of you with my recent JavaScript adventures.

So perhaps a triptych: reading/writing, computer science, and personal life. Of course, it remains to be seen how these ideas will develop as I consider the problem more. After all: on the web, nothing is constant.

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