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May Recap

On Wednesday, May 6th, I finished my last final exam at Gonzaga. Sarah came up on Thursday, and we drove down to Portland to celebrate and visit our families. After a fun-packed Portland weekend, we drove back up to Pullman on Tuesday, and I did next-to-nothing for the rest of the week. We drove to Spokane to help Josh and his mom with packing all his stuff for their return to Eugene, and then came back down to Pullman. I had my first 40-hour work week at my job, which was mainly spent getting used to the idea of working full-time. That brings us up to today, at the end of a relaxing weekend with Sarah. Tomorrow I begin my second full-time work week. It looks as though it'll be quite interesting. Chad (one of the other PHP/MySQL developers on the team) and I have been conspiring to do a database-access-layer rewrite. It'll be lots of work, but it will also mean that we have a decent foundation upon which to base later development. I hear that's important.

Oh, and I appreciate laundromats with wireless internet access.

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