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The New Design Is Live

My redesign is live. I spent quite a bit of time with this design as a showcase of my knowledge of modern web design. The previous design was around 6 years old, so it was well past time for a facelift. Let me know what you think!

Here is a summary of the features of the new design:

  • HTML5 — I used header, sectioning elements and an IE8 shim.
  • Typekit — This is for the fancy web fonts.
  • OOCSS grids — This is Nicole Sullivan's CSS framework.
  • Responsive design — The basic scheme is closely related to the grid system.
  • Advanced CSS — Take a look at the Flickr stream; it was tricky.

Interestingly, the old design used an early technique similar to responsive design: the horizontal columns collapsed into one vertical column depending on the page width. This was accomplished using floats, percentage widths and something to cause overflow. The new design goes much farther with responsive design, and applies subtle changes to the layout to fit any size screen. Unfortunately, I was unable to use responsive image techniques for my Flickr stream, due to the complicated css to center the square images. I may revisit that, although the technique is impressive in its own right.

This is a screenshot of the old design, for comparison:

Screenshot of the previous design for my home page.

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