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Award Winners

I finally finished the last of the novels that have won both the Hugo award and the Nebula award. I have considered someday collecting all of them and putting them on a bookshelf together, but that's not generally how I organize my books. Also, it would be problematic since some of the award winning books are part of the series (like the last one I read: Startide Rising by David Brin)…. But it would still be fun. Another problem is that the nominees would be worth getting as well, not just the winners, and many of them are out of print.

Someone somewhere probably has a collection of all the short stories, novelettes and novellas that have won. I'll have to gather those myself someday, maybe scan them all and OCR them. Sarah would probably help me build a book-scanner. Of course these days many of the short stories are put online before the awards so that they'll be accessible to all voters. So all I have to do is collect the old ones that are hard to find and out of print, and then it will be far less work from year to year…. Keeping up with a field is difficult.

Please excuse my rambling. I wanted to post something, but this was all that was on my mind.

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