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Laptop Keyboards Are Not Durable

I was talking to Gadget from study abroad, and we got to comparing keyboards:

Smurf: I'm hard on my computer keys…. Some of the letters are worn off, and my left alt key has fingernail pits.

Gadget: that coating they put on keyboards is worn off all my keys from typing so much, well all of them except the number keys and the f keys

Smurf: Do you not have letters?

Gadget: nah i have letters. theyre getting worn down though. half of the S is gone hahaha

Smurf: I no longer have an N. My O is just a speck on the upper left. E is a broken vertical bar, and S is two short curved segments. M, H, R, T and C have the most trouble beyond that, though a number of others have pits and blemishes. A is lame, missing its right leg.

Gadget: ooo! my A is missing its right leg too! sounds like youve done a fair number on your keyboard hahaha. most of my letters are just chipped a little bit

Smurf: Oh, and of course left alt is gone, left ctrl is missing pieces. I was just looking at letters.

Gadget: even my touchpad has been worn smooth

Smurf: Ooh, forgot about my arrow keys. Apparently I'm harder on down than up. Left and right are both more troubled than up, but not almost disappeared, like down. Looks like backspace is having problems, too.

Gadget: hahahaha i must have some industrial paint for my arrow keys because they are immaculate

Smurf: I should take a picture of my keyboard and post it on my blog with pieces of this conversation. :P

Gadget: yes!

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