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Deciding not to go to Paris

I decided not to go to Paris. It would be more hectic than it's worth (to me, right now). The Norfolk hike would be more intimate. I wouldn't otherwise get to the seaside, or explore the Broads much. That would be rather a shame, living in Norwich. I'll get plenty of exciting continental travel fever when my family comes to visit. Thanks for your input; it seems most of my friends would prefer the hike (at least when living vicariously through me) even though my parents clearly favor Paris.

So far I've managed to avoid getting ridiculously sick over here. But last night I had a headache, which I never get, and a sore throat. I hope this doesn't mean I'm coming down with something. Luckily, the weather is windy and cloudy.

My feet are somewhat cold. I should get some tea to fight off both afflictions.

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