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Weather Blogging and Paris

Thank goodness. It's overcast and windy and cool again. Current temperature: 57. Much more reasonable. While I don't mind nice sunny 75-degree days every once in a while, a long run of them overwhelms quickly. What's more, Thursday and Friday have 30% and 20% chances of rain. I will have to head downtown tomorrow while the cool spell lasts.

Night before last I had a good Skype call with my parents. They tried to browbeat me into visiting Paris for a week or so while I'm over here. It's an appealing idea to spend a week there. But I have an exam in three weeks, and I have to study for it quite a bit. For six days in Paris, it would be at least 240 dollars for hostels. The plane tickets would be 200 dollars. Tickets to get to the airport from Norwich would probably work out to 50 – 80 dollars. Then food, probably an additional 150 (including a meal out). All in all a little over 600 dollars, which I would have to pay back eventually. Plus a lot of hectic travel.

It would also mean that it would be harder for me to make it to the coast. I've been wanting to take a 35 mile hike (plus 5 to get to where it starts, plus another 2 at the end to reach a hotel) to Great Yarmouth one of these days. The path goes through the Norfolk Broads, a lovely region of interconnected rivers, lakes and wetlands. I'd find a bed and breakfast to stay at in Great Yarmouth, and walk on the beach in the sun.

I have to decide today, or the plane ticket prices will rise again.

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  1. Nathan (of the Vegdahl variety) Says:

    I think you should totally go on the hike. Sounds substantially less expensive, and substantially more unique, personal, exercisey, and interesting.

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