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Hand Drawn Chess

After eating dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery downtown, Josh and I went to Maccaroni Grill for dessert. This was the highlight of the evening, yet strangely not simply because of the absolute tastiness. Maccaroni Grill offers its patrons a paper tablecloth and crayons, whether they are in their swaddling clothes or whether their hair is as white as the new fallen snow. Naturally we had to take advantage of this aspect of the restaurant. To finish up an evening of chess and food, we drew our own chess board on the table and played two rounds as we savored our dessert. Playing on a hand drawn chessboard over dessert had a certain style to it that I am very eager to repeat. Perhaps Sarah will go downtown with me sometime to try it out.

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  1. Nathan Says:


    I think every restaurant should have paper tablecloths and crayons.

    And paint, too.

    Toxic paint.

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