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Photos from the Mackenzie

Come now, what is this? Two picture posts in a row?

I just returned from a four-day family trip to Central Oregon. Most of these pictures were taken on a bike ride with my dad on the McKenzie River. It was a nice trail ride, without too many rocks and roots to bother us, and I never once lost too much control above any of the steep slopes. The river and its side streams were beautiful. I would say it was the most green I've seen in ages, but I just went through the redwoods. This green, however, was vibrant as opposed to regal, youthful as opposed to ancient. Trees are my favorite, and streams a close second. Together, well, let me just say it's difficult to withstand the wave of happiness.

photo of a calm waterway near the McKenzie Riverphoto of a small waterfall near the McKenzie River

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